Core Team


Vote Report India is a non-partisan all-volunteer collaboration between software developers, designers, academics, and other professionals to bring transparency to the 2009 Indian elections.


Vote Report India is powered by two path-breaking non-profit open-source projects -- Ushahidi and SwiftRiver -- and managed by eMoksha. Ushahidi is an award-winning platform that crowd-sources crisis information. SwiftRiver is a platform that makes sense of multiple sources of information in a fast-changing crisis situation. eMoksha is a non-profit organization that aims to enable stronger democracies through increased citizen awareness and engagement.


Here are short bios of the core team members in alphabetical order.


From Vote Report India


Anant Trivedi is a retired IT & engineering professional, member of the British Computer Society and a chartered engineer. Founder member of National Network For India, acting as their strategist. Also a founder member of VoteSmartIndia and Get Together For India.



Dipti Thuse is a volunteer at, a non-partisan non-profit organization working to enable stronger democracies through citizen's participation.



Gautam John is a lawyer and an entrepreneur who now works with two non-profits in Bangalore on strategy, technology and operations management. 


Gaurav Mishra leads research on internet and society in emerging countries as the 2008-09 Yahoo! Fellow at Georgetown University. He writes about social media and social change at Gauravonomics.



Munish Sivagurunath is the founder of Imayam Inc, a technology consulting company. He is also a founding board member of Nia- A Ray of Hope, a non-profit organization with a mission to empower women in developing countries to pursue their higher education.


Satchit Balsari is an emergency physician at NewYork-Presbyterian, and a fellow at the Harvard Humanitarian Inititiave. His current work in India, focused on strenghtening emergency response systems, includes EMcounter, mumbaiVOICES and MEMEx.



Selvam Velmurugan is the founder of, a non-partisan non-profit organization to enable stronger democracies through increased citizen awareness and engagement. 


From Ushahidi and Swift River



Andrew Turner is CTO of FortiusOne GeoCommons, and Co-Developer of and InaugurationReport. He writes about mapping and technology at HighEarthOrbit and for O'Reilly.



Chris Blow is Technical Lead for Swift, User Experience Lead at Meedan, and a frontend volunteer at Ushahidi. He writes at



David Kobia is the Director of Development for Ushahidi, and leads all of the code and programming work done on the platform.


Erik Hersman is co-founder of Ushahidi. He writes about Africa and technology at AfriGadget and WhiteAfrican.



Juliana Rotich is the Program Director at Ushahidi, responsible for Ushahidi deployments around the world.


Kaushal Jhalla is a co-founder of Swift, and is a volunteer at Ushahidi. In his daylife, he is a Systems Analayst for Payment and Transaction systems in the SF Bay Area. He blogs at 



Patrick Meier is a Doctoral Fellow at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) where he co-leads the Crisis Mapping and Early Warning Program. He is on the Ushahidi Board of Advisors and blogs at iRevolution.


Friends of Vote Report India