Open Documentation Projects

This page lists all documentation that needs to be created for users, volunteers and adminstrators.


Gaurav's list


  1. Explanation of reporting categories (which will possibly lead to consolidation). One way to divide categories is here. We may also need to do short forms for each category like here.
  2. Email outreach (DONE) & media outreach
  3. Spread the word
  4. How it works
  5. Update the FAQ


Satchit's list


Kaushal's list


  1. List of External Resources to be displayed on the main page
  2. VoteReport India Volunteer Kit
    1. Before Election Day
    2. On Election Day
  3. On Media Page - chronology of who has covered VotreReport India


Dipti's list


  1. Process FAQ
    1. Why should I report?
    2. How do I report?
    3. What happens next?
    4. Do I get any feedback on the resolution or lack of it?
  2. Safety concerns - If I report an issue, should I worry about my personal safety?
  3. Privacy concerns - Can the report be traced back to me?
  4. Reliability concerns -
    1. Are the reports verified?
    2. How to report abuse?